Web Page Review

The Seminole State website must be maintained to be consistent with the current college marketing campaign. To ensure that our site remains consistent with this campaign and to facilitate easy access and use, the following Web publication standards have been created.

Seminole State WebSupport has designed these standards for your use. Review each of the following points carefully and make any changes to your Web pages as necessary.

Seminole State WebSupport will periodically conduct a review of all college-related websites to ensure that they conform to the established requirements. If problems are found during such a review, the Web page's author is responsible for the timely correction of these problems; see our Web Author Notification Procedures for more information on our notification policy. At the time of a review, suggestions may also be made regarding potential improvements of the design, functionality or content of the site. You may request a copy of the complete Web Review Checklist from the WebSupport Office or by accessing the online Web Review Checklist.

Remember, all Web pages that are accessible on the Seminole State website may be subject to a random audit by Seminole State WebSupport, using the criteria on the list. When your Web pages are reviewed, you will be provided with feedback of the review results; review our Web Author Notification Procedures for more information. The elements included in this list follow the technical standards, as defined in the Seminole State Web Development Guidelines.

Follow this link to access a printable version of the Web Review Checklist, which was developed for the purposes of page/site review.

Design Considerations

  • Do not use animations. They will be immediately removed by WebSupport.
  • Do not use poor-quality photos.
  • Do not underline text on the page. It confuses users by making them think the text is linked. Use bold or a different colored text instead.
  • Do not use background sounds/music or load sounds or music automatically. It greatly increases load time and, for the most part, annoys the users.
  • Do not use Microsoft Word as your html editor. MS Word adds in extra elements that are not supported by some browsers and may add to the load time of your pages.


Seminole State WebSupport