Social Media Guidelines

Seminole State's collegewide social media pages are maintained by Marketing and Communications with assistance from Computing and Telecommunication Services (CTS).

Seminole State faculty and staff admins are responsible for maintaining their College-related social media accounts.

Social media pages should always be secondary information sources. The Seminole State website remains the College's primary web presence. All organization descriptions and other web content that appears on a department's or unit's social media site should also appear on the Seminole State website.

Official Social Media Pages

To be recognized as an official Seminole State social media site, pages should:

  • Include links to other official social media pages.
  • Use graphics specific to official Seminole State social media site branding.
  • List Seminole State Marketing and Communications ( as a site administrator.
  • Have a minimum of two or three relevant postings per week. Page will be removed due to lack of content.
  • Have an admin who has completed training through the Marketing and Communications Office.

Launching a Social Media Site

Faculty and staff seeking designation as an official Seminole State social media site must submit a request via the Service Request System.

The request should include:

  • The department's or unit's name.
  • The type of social media you are requesting.
  • The site's purpose and target audience. Seminole State social media pages should supplement departments' and units' existing programs and services. They also should support the mission and vision of the College.
  • Contact information for one or more designated faculty/staff page administrators.
  • A list of proposed visuals, copy points, links and other information that outlines how the social media channel will be structured.

All requests will be reviewed and considered based on the above criteria and the College’s overall social media strategy.


If you have any questions or would like help setting up a social media account for your department, program or organization, please contact:

Kimberly Allen, Manager, PR and Communications, 407.708.2272


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