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The Web Guidelines Group's function is to assist you in identifying your web development needs and locating the resources to help you accomplish your goals.  This may include analysis, dissemination of standards and tips, training, site review, and in some cases, Web programming.

The Technical Requirements assume that you are familiar with the basics of developing web documents.  If you are not, consulting one of the many on-line tutorials on HTML and the Internet may be helpful to you.  For some, learning from books and tutorials is not the preferred method for effective learning.

Seminole State offers a variety of web programming and web graphics classes through the Internet Technologies program.   If you are also interested in the Canvas online course development and enhancement tool, please contact the eLearning department.

Any questions you might have regarding web development at Seminole State should be addressed to  Questions about the Canvas online course development and enhancement tool should be addressed to

Seminole State Style and Design Guides

  • If you are using a printed version of this document, be advised that the on-line version, complete with links to resources, is available at
  • Note: Currently, the Seminole State website officially supports HTML5  and is running on a LINUX server.  All pages are authored for standards compliant browsers.

Other Style Guides and Guidelines

For a general sense of WWW page layout, consult the HTML style guides listed below:

  • Web Style Guide (3rd edition) One of the most highly regarded WWW style guides on the web. It is lengthy and complete: If you only look at one other style guide, choose this one.
  • Jakob Nielsen's Web Usability Site. Tips and advice from the number one consultant in designing usable web pages.


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