Copyright Information and Resources

Below is a selective list of copyright and fair use resources that are both current and credible.


  • United States Copyright Office: The most authoritative and comprehensive source on copyright laws, news and registration. Includes a searchable database of copyrighted works.
  • Copyright and Fair Use: Stanford University's detailed guide on copyright including frequently asked questions, fair use and public domain, as well as academic and educational permissions for copyrighted works.
  • Common Copyright Myths: Clears up many misconceptions about copyright in a question-and-answer format.
  • American Library Association on Copyright: Excellent resource for copyright tools, articles, legislation and course cases related to libraries.

Fair Use

  • Information on Fair Use: Provided by the U.S. Copyright Office, this authoritative page covers the four factors for evaluating fair use based on Section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act.
  • Fair Use in Education and Research: From Columbia University, this site provides a definition of fair use and includes a helpful "practical applications" for section.

In addition, there is a basic guide to copyright and fair use for students that is part of the Research Foundations Open Course created by Seminole State librarians.


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