Departmental Responsibilities

Individual departments are ultimately responsible for creating and maintaining the content on their own web pages.  Departments are also responsible for responding to inquiries about their information, and updating their information as necessary.

To simplify the creation process, we recommend that each group or department make one person responsible for that department's information. Many departments may find it more appropriate to have this individual coordinate that department's electronic publishing effort with others in the department rather than doing it all himself or herself.  This coordinator should be listed as the department's contact, so that if users notice incorrect information on a page, or wish to submit a question or request for additional information, they will be able to e-mail this designated contact with their questions or feedback.

Specifically, a department or its designated coordinator should:

  • Coordinate the gathering of information for Internet publication within the group/department.
  • Decide how the information will be organized.
  • Determine how often the information is going to change and how often the information will be updated.
  • Make certain that all departmental Web documents are in compliance with copyright rules and with Seminole State Technical Standards.
  • Verify the existence of valid contact e-mail links on each of the department's web documents
  • Review the Web information on a regular basis to insure that it is current and relevant and that it satisfies the established requirements for Seminole State Web pages.


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