Program Plans

August 1, 2022 - April 30, 2023 Program Plan

  1. Organize Fall Kickoff Workshop presenting leadership tips on listening and summary of program elements.
  2. Host a convocation session on the Job Shadowing program to increase awareness.
  3. Host a workshop to connect women in leadership roles and learn about their career paths.
  4. Host two podcast groups that connect women with leadership topics for discussion.
  5. Host a Job Shadowing program that connects women with senior leadership.
  6. Host a leadership conference in spring.
  7. Coordinate a Women's Social Hour in collaboration with Fine Arts department.
  8. Host an End of the Year event to celebrate accomplishments and network.
  9. Attend ACE Women's Network - Florida Central Region conference, if offered.
  10. Attend ACE Women's Network - Florida State Conference, if offered.

* Some planned activities may be offered remotely.


Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Organizational Culture and Strategy/Title IX Coordinator