Engagement and Belonging in a Culture of Excellence

At Seminole State, we are dedicated to creating a positive, welcoming, and engaging environment for all to learn, work, grow, and succeed. The mission of Seminole State is to enhance the educational, economic, and cultural vitality of our region by providing exemplary learning opportunities for the diverse community we serve. To that end, we will continue to prioritize access, opportunity, excellence, and belonging for our students, employees, and community.

Access and Opportunity

Seminole State is an open access institution that provides high-quality, affordable education and training opportunities. The College combines high standards with an open-door admission policy for lower-division programs, while emphasizing the achievement of social and educational equity so that all can be prepared for full participation in society (Florida Statute 1004.65(4)). We strive to promote the participation and success of all students, including those who have been traditionally underrepresented in particular fields, in all our programs and activities (Florida Statute 1000.05(5)).

A Community where YOU Belong

Every student and employee is an important member of this thriving academic community and contributes to our culture of excellence. We take great pride in the fact that the make-up of our student body reflects the diverse community we serve in the most global sense – race, sex, national, origin, and other demographics as well as diversity of thought, cultural traditions, and forms of expressions. As stated in the College’s Core Values, we engage in practices that respect individuals’ unique qualities and strive for participation and achievement for all.

You belong here. Together, we “Go Far”.


Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Organizational Culture and Strategy/Title IX Coordinator