Women Moving Forward - Preparing Tomorrow's Leadership

Seminole State has a rich history of women in leadership roles and believes strongly in preparing future leaders at all levels. The initiative “Women Moving Forward” meets employees at their current levels and responds to their career goals. Women Moving Forward is co-chaired by representatives from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the two largest areas of employment and includes activities with the ACE Women’s Network – Florida.

Women Moving Forward organizes current programs and tailors them for women at various stages of their careers, educational paths, and visions for the future. The College annually requests feedback of women’s interests for career development, mentoring workshops with speakers, and further programming, which forms the basis for annual program planning.

Program activities are open to all employees regardless of gender.

Program Activities 23-24

Women Moving Forward committee members coordinate a variety of events and professional development workshops including:

  • Kick-Off Event including an "I Can't Get it All Done" workshop to learn how to prioritize tasks- Sept. 15
  • Lean In Lunch conversations
  • Podcast Virtual Series
  • Skill Development Workshops
  • Job Shadowing
  • End of the Year Social

2024 Leadership Conference

Save the date for our next Women's Leadership Conference.

  • February 23, 2024
  • Time: 8 a.m. -  2 p.m.
  • Location: Automotive Showroom
Steering Committee
Dr. M. Lisa Valentino
  • Co-chair
  • ACE Women's Network -
    Regional Institutional Representative
  • Associate Vice President, Academic Services
Dr. Jan Lloyd-Lesley
  • Co-chair
  • ACE Women's Network -
    Florida Institutional Representative
  • Associate Vice President, Student Development
Barbara Coleman-Foster
  • Associate Vice President for Engagement & Belonging
Tiffany Kilpatrick**
  • Assistant Director, Dual Enrollment
Dr. Michele Cuomo
  • Dean, Arts and Communication
Margaret Jenkins
  • President, Faculty Senate
  • Professor, Psychology
Simone Nelson
  • Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning rep.
Dr. Shahin Kanani
  • Dean, Allied Health
Dr. Molly Kostenbauder
  • Dean, Health Sciences
Danielle Miller*
  • Human Resources
Ethe Price ***
  • Security Shift Supervisor
Susan Reynolds
  • Professor, English EAP
Ellen Orr
  • Professor/Program Manager, Office Systems
Brooke Allen
  • Professor Political Science

*designee for Mae Ashby, Associate Vice President, Human Resources.
** designee Professional & Technical Employees Council.
*** designee Career Service Employees Council.

The steering committee follows the College’s shared governance model representing diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds, pay plans, areas of assignment, and primary campuses.


Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Organizational Culture and Strategy/Title IX Coordinator