Women Moving Forward - Preparing Tomorrow's Leadership

Seminole State has a rich history of women in leadership roles and believes strongly in preparing future leaders at all levels. The initiative “Women Moving Forward” meets employees at their current levels, responds to their career goals, and adds students to the program for mentorship activities.

Women Moving Forward organizes current programs and tailors them for women at various stages of their careers, educational paths, and visions for the future. The College has planned a 2018-19 survey of women’s interests for career development, mentoring workshops with speakers, and further programming based on feedback.


Women Moving Forward is co-chaired by representatives from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the two largest areas of employment. Several of its external outreach avenues are coordinated within the Office of the President.

The College’s program includes activities with the ACE Women’s Network – Florida. The Network focuses on employees, but Women Moving Forward will include students in campus and community programs as well.

Original Steering Committee
Dr. M. Lisa ValentinoAcademic Services
  • Co-chair
  • ACE Women's Network of
    Florida Institutional Representative
Dr. Jan Lloyd-LesleyStudent Development
  • Co-chair
Dr. Kevin JordanEnglish
  • Chair, Faculty Senate
Michael McCurdyeLearning
  • Chair, Professional Employees Council
Mallory Pigmon*Recruiting and
  • Student Success Specialist
  • Representing Career Service
    Employees Council
Barbara LeBranchFaculty Center for
Teaching and Learning
  • Director, Faculty Center for
    Teaching and Learning
Meribeth Colicci **Human Resources
  • Assistant Director, Talent
    Acquisition-Human Resources
Dr. Shahin KananiPharmacy Tech
  • Faculty member
Dr. Cecilia LarssonArchitectural Engineering
  • Faculty member
Dr. Cheryl CicottiSchool of Business,
Health, and Public Safety
  • Associate Vice President
Janet BalanoffEquity and
Diversity/Title IX
  • Campus representative, NAWBO
    (National Association of Women
    Business Owners, Orlando chapter)

designee for Summer Pessatore, Chair, Career Service Employees Council.
** designee for Mae Ashby, Associate Vice President, Human Resources.

The steering committee follows the College’s shared governance model, including men and women representing diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds, pay plans, areas of assignment, and primary campuses.

Fall 2018 Plans

  1. Hold a planning meeting for the Steering Committee. Review program outline; plan meet-and-greet.
  2. Meet with Dr. Lorenz; obtain support for Women Moving Forward, including ACE and NAWBO elements.
  3. Attend regional meeting in Melbourne.
  4. Create calendar for 2018-19.
  5. Host a meet-and-greet for female employees.
  6. Seek input on desired programs and activities designed to support development.
  7. Link health disciplines’ faculty to NAWBO Wellness for Winning event (October).
  8. Meet with Dean Hugh Moore for specific involvement.
  9. Initiate webpage.

Spring 2019 Plans

  1. Attend State Conference.
  2. Offer two skill-building workshops.
  3. Provide opportunities for campus constituents to attend networking events sponsored by various community partners.

Future Plans

  1. Establish ACE Women’s Network subcommittee to link aspiring senior leaders.
  2. Host a Women’s Leadership event that meets the needs of campus constituents.
  3. Plan for 2019-20 prior to the end of the semester.

Equity and Diversity/Title IX – 05.31.18, updated 07.02.18, 07.10.18, 07.25.18, 08.09.18, 08.24.18, 04.16.19


Janet Balanoff
Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator