Job Shadowing Program

The Women Moving Forward program at Seminole State had to suspend its 2019-20 program for individuals exploring future roles in senior leadership: Job Shadowing at the College. Applicants were encouraged to consider their career goals and select a senior leader to shadow for a day.  Alternatively, they could select a level of leadership (such as a Director) or an area of the College, and the selection committee would work to facilitate a match.

Modeled after the ACE Women’s Network – Florida program, the College’s program sought to pair aspiring senior leaders with current leaders on a day when they could communicate a broad perspective on their roles. Nationally, only 30% of presidents in higher education are female; the ACE program aims for 50% by 2030, preparing future leaders at all levels with workshops, job shadowing, community engagement, book clubs for professional development, and conference opportunities for networking.

The Steering Committee will reconsider this program when appropriate for in-person contact for a full day.

Equity and Diversity/Title IX, 10.17.19, 4.14.21


Janet Balanoff
Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator