Academic Skills: Reading Skills Resources

Web resources to provide students with English practice in reading.

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Audio Resources/Reading and Listening
  1. 365 ESL Short Stories (easy-to-read text includes audio and various exercises for intermediate-level students)
  2. Easy Reading for Adult ESL Beginners (long list of stories; audio)
  3. Easy Reading for ESL Beginners (long list of stories; audio)
  4. Listen and Read Along (various topics; with audio)
  5. Audio Stories for Children (adult advanced level; scripts with audio; MP3 format available)
  6. Audio Books for ESL Listening (books in English with read-along text for advanced students; audio has two listening speeds)
  7. Advanced ESL Listening with Text (audio has two listening speeds)
  8. ESL Listen & Read Radio Dramas (audio has two listening speeds)
  9. Intermediate ESL Listening with Text (audio has two listening speeds)
  10. ESL Listening - Songs in English with Sing-Along/Read-Along Lyrics
Audio Resources/Voice of America
  1. Voice of America: Words and Their Stories (includes list of five-minute programs on words and terms used in everyday American English; with transcripts and audio)
  2. Voice of America: Special English Feature Stories (limited vocabulary of 1,500 words with audio)
  3. Voice of America: "The Lady, or the Tiger?" (special English)
Library: Central Florida Library Systems
  1. Seminole State College Library
  2. Seminole County Library Services
  3. Orange County Public Library
  4. Osceola Library System
  5. Volusia County Public Library
Life-Skills Reading: Health
  1. Interesting Reading on Health in Easy-to-Read English
  2. Staying Healthy: An English Learner's Guide to Healthcare and Healthy Living (a downloadable resource book and teachers' guide; from the Florida Literacy Coalition)
Newspapers and E-Zines
  1. News for You (a weekly newspaper for adult learners; with audio)
  2. An Online Magazine for Learners of English (grammar, vocabulary and topic-specific language is reviewed in the Language Corner section)
  3. News Summaries from The New York Times (with links to a pop-up dictionary and atlas)
Reading: Comprehension Practice

Advanced Level
Short Timed Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

Reading Skills: Cause and Effect
  1. Cause and Effect - Interactive Reading on Lewis and Clark
Reading Skills: Context Clues
  1. Context Clues Practice Exercise
Reading Skills: Exercises
  1. Readings and Exercises (advanced level)
Reading Skills: Inference
  1. Using Inference (a simple explanation with four multiple choice questions)
  2. What Can You Infer? (an interactive exercise)
Reading Skills: Main Idea
  1. Main Idea Online Practice
  2. Paired Reading Stories and Exercises (intermediate-level ESL texts with an average length of about 800 words)
Reading Skills: Phonics/Phonemic Awareness
  1. Phonemic Awareness Infusion (reading with an emphasis on pronunciation; audio available)
Reading Skills: Phonics/Phonetics Resources
  1. Several Resources to Help You with Pronunciation
Reading Skills: Skimming/Scanning
  1. Scanning (game, quiz and fact sheet)
  2. Skimming (quiz, worksheet and fact sheet)
Reading Skills: Dictionaries and Vocabulary Building Resources
  1. A List of Links to Vocabulary-Building Resources (includes links to dictionaries, idiom sites and vocabulary activities)
Stories: Advanced Level
  1. Short Stories, E-Books, Interactive Activities and Workshops
  2. Short Stories on Crime (advanced level; includes teacher's link with study questions, games and activities for some stories; also includes a reader's forum)
  3. Readings and Exercises (advanced level)
  4. Classic Short Stories (listed by author name)
  5. Humorous Stories (a teacher's link; includes study questions, games and activities for some stories; also includes a reader's forum)
  6. Jokes in English (for ESL/EFL students)
Stories: ESL Students
  1. 100 Free Short English Stories for ESL Learners
  2. English Express (articles by topic; word games and other links available)


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