Health and Nutrition Resources

Below are links to Web resources you can use to practice English used in work and life situations (based on the Florida Adult ESOL Frameworks.)

This Web page contains links to other websites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information in such site has been endorsed or approved by Seminole State.

Health and Nutrition Topics

Audio Resources/Listening Practice
  1. Adult Learning Activities from the California Distance Learning Project
    • Click "Health and Safety."
    • Read some of the stories, and complete the corresponding activities.
    • Scores can be printed or emailed.
  2. Illnesses and Medical Advice (a vocabulary list with audio and quiz)
  3. Focus English: Health (with audio)
  4. Medical Advice (with audio, quiz and script; difficult level)
  5. A Healthy Lifestyle (with audio, quiz and script; difficult level)
  6. Doctor's Visit (a vocabulary list with audio and practice questions)
  7. MedLine Plus: Easy-to-Read Health Information (interactive tutorials from the Patient Education Institute explain more than 165 procedures and conditions in easy-to-read language with animated graphics; audio available)
Conversation Scripts and Questions
  1. Conversation Questions: Health
Dental Health
  1. Dental Care (a vocabulary list with audio and quiz)
  2. Friendly Dental Care (with audio, quiz and script; difficult level)
  3. Dental Health IQ (quiz)
  4. A Dentist Appointment (complete the dialogue)
  1. What Vaccines Do You Need?
  2. Immunization Quiz - What Do You Know About Your Child's Vaccines?
Nutrition/Food Labels
  1. Figuring Out Food Labels (article with audio)
Nutrition/Pyramid/Food Groups
  1. My Pyramid (a matching game)
  2. A Food Pyramid Mini-Poster (in printable PDF format)
  3. The New Food Guide Pyramid (article with audio)
  4. Food and Nutrition Quiz (check your answers)
Reading/Health-Related Topics
  1. Easy-to-Read Articles on Everyday Illness and Injuries (script with audio)
  2. Health Problems of Grown-Ups (short articles with audio)
  1. A Glossary of Medical Terms
  2. The Body - Vocabulary (pictures with audio)
  3. The Face - Vocabulary (pictures with audio)
  4. The Digestive System - Vocabulary (pictures with audio)
  5. Medicine - Vocabulary (pictures with audio)
  1. Food - Vocabulary (pictures with audio)
  2. Food II - Vocabulary (pictures with audio)


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