Total Immersion of English Strategies (TIES) Lesson Plans

Overview of Grant Project

The purpose of the Total Immersion of English Strategies (TIES) lesson plans is to help students help themselves in the development of English language skills outside the classroom. These lesson plans were developed as part of a Florida Department of Education's 2003-2005 English Literacy and Civics Education Project Literacy Challenge grant.

Lesson Plans and Handouts

The American DreamLow Intermediate/High IntermediateAmerican Dream Worksheet
Appropriate Greetings/Introductions/FarewellsLow Beginning/High BeginningAppropriate Greetings Worksheet
Branches of U.S. GovernmentAdvancedBranches of U.S. Government Worksheet
Career Advancement: Meet a College AdvisorLow BeginningCareer Advancement Worksheet
Community Resources: Obtaining a Library CardLow BeginningN/A
Community Resources: Checking out a Library BookLow BeginningChecking out a Library Book Worksheet
Community Resources: The Post OfficeLow Intermediate/High IntermediatePost Office Worksheet
Community Resources: The Social Security OfficeLow Intermediate/High IntermediateSocial Security Office Worksheet
Consumer Issues: Car InsuranceHigh BeginningCar Insurance Worksheet
Consumer Issues: Day CareHigh BeginningN/A
Consumer Issues: Home RepairsLow Intermediate/High IntermediateHome Repairs Worksheet
Consumer Issues: Orientation to a Health ClubLow Intermediate/High IntermediateHealth Club Worksheet
Eating in a Restaurant: How to OrderHigh Intermediate/AdvancedRestaurant Worksheet
The History/Traditions of the Fourth of JulyLow Intermediate/High IntermediateFourth of July Worksheet
Language LogLow BeginningLanguage Log Worksheet
Let's Get a MenuHigh Intermediate/AdvancedRestaurant Menu Worksheet
Positive ParentingAdvancedN/A
Print AdsAdvancedPrint Ads Worksheet
Restaurant EtiquetteHigh Intermediate/AdvancedRestaurant Etiquette Worksheet
Schools and VolunteeringLow Intermediate/High IntermediateSchools and Volunteering Worksheet
Shopping: Warranties and Sales ReceiptsHigh Intermediate/AdvancedWarranties and Sale Receipts Worksheet
Shopping: Visiting a Clothing StoreLow Beginning/High BeginningClothing Store Worksheet
Shopping: Visiting a Clothing Store Part TwoLow Intermediate/High IntermediateClothing Store Worksheet Part Two
Television CommercialsAdvancedTelevision Commercials Worksheet
Travel: Making Air Travel ArrangementsLow Intermediate/High IntermediateAir Travel Worksheet
Travel: Making Hotel and Car ReservationsLow Intermediate/High IntermediateHotel and Car Reservations Worksheet
Visit a Beauty SalonLow Beginning/High BeginningBeauty Salon Worksheet
Visit a Nail SalonLow Intermediate/High IntermediateNail Salon Worksheet
Visit a SupermarketLow Beginning/High BeginningSupermarket Visit Worksheet
Visit the Orange County History MuseumAdvancedOrange County History Museum Worksheet
Weekly and Monthly BudgetingLow Intermediate/High IntermediateBudgeting Worksheet
Wildlife, Pets and Nature: It's Their WorldAdvancedWildlife, Pets and Nature Worksheet


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