Program Goals

Through the following Program Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes, the Instructional Design Certificate at Seminole State College of Florida seeks to meet the needs of educators and educators-to-be, trainers, and other professionals who wish to certify their expanding and improving professional knowledge in educational technology. 

Overall Program Objectives

  • Provide an accessible and cost-effective program of continuing instructional design education for a range of learners, based upon national standards to ensure high quality
  • Increase working and aspiring educators’ ability to certify their expanding study and demonstrate their growing content knowledge 
  • Model methods for on-going reflection, study, and revision of professional standards and methods
  • Require course projects grounded in the purposeful design and incorporation of technologies in curriculum or work contexts
  • Support the development of learning communities focused specifically on the meaningful use of instructional technologies

Student Learning Outcomes

Certificate participants will develop the following student learning outcomes throughout the coursework:

  • Analyze current technology tools, instructional theories, and legal obligations related to the deployment of instructional technologies across various learning environments
  • Discern various learners’ needs and differentiate appropriate instructional technologies accordingly
  • Develop and implement effective instructional designs for learning environments relevant to the scholarly and workplace settings


Ashley M. Navarro, Ph.D.
Professor, Education

Regina Fontana, Ed.D.
Educational Preparation Institute (EPI) Director

Janine McGrath, M.Ed.
Educational Preparation Institute (EPI)
Education Program Coordinator