EPI Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked Educator Preparation Institute Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Complete the EPI Program?
How Long Does It Take to Complete the EPI Program?
On Which Campus Is the EPI Program Offered?
When Should I Apply to the EPI Program?
What is an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility, and how does it affect my enrollment in the EPI Program?
Where do I register for the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE)?
Where can I apply for my Official Statement of Status of Eligibility?
Do I need to be employed as a teacher to enroll in the EPI Program?
What steps do I need to take after being admitted into the EPI Program?
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Gina Fontana
EPI Director
Office C-103, S/LM Campus

Janine McGrath
EPI Clinical Educator
Office C-103, S/LM Campus