The Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE)

  • Consists of two test types, the Professional Education Exam (PEd) and the Subject Area Exam (SAE)
  • Are a requirement to earn a Florida Teaching Certificate
  • Are a requirement to teach a specific subject area

What Are the Two Tests, and Which One(s) Should I Take?

The FTCE has two tests. Please read the following descriptions to determine which test you will be required to take.

The PEd is a multiple-choice test. If this is your first Florida Teaching Certificate, you must take the PEd Exam, which is used to measure students' knowledge of five content bases, including:

  • Personal development
  • Appropriate student behavior
  • Planning instruction
  • Implementing instruction
  • Evaluating instruction.

If this is your first teaching certification, or if you are adding a specific subject area to your certification, you will need to take the SAE.

Subject area exams measure content area knowledge for:

  • Degreed academic and vocational subject areas
  • Non-degreed Occupational Specialists

Scheduling the FTCE

How Can I Get More Information About the FTCE?

For more information on the FTCE:

  • Refer to the State of Florida's FTCE Web page
  • Contact your county school district human resources department


Regina Fontana, Ed.D.
EPI Director

Janine McGrath, M.Ed.
Education Program Coordinator