Technological Resources Security

Seminole State College provides technological support for educational activities and administrative functions. These resources, which are relational and shared, include computing systems and software, internal and external data, and voice and video networks. To preserve them for the common good, the College expects all users — including students, faculty, staff, administrators, other employees and members of the general public who use Seminole State's information technology resources — to comply in all respects with institutional and external standards for their appropriate use.

The purpose of security is to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to computer resources and to grant legitimate users access to the files, data and programs that they are authorized to use. The files, data and programs of the computer systems are valuable assets of the College and must be protected from unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure.

To protect the security and integrity of the College network and its data, the Computing and Telecommunications Services Department (CTS) regulates access to computer systems in two ways:

  • System Access Control: The CTS Department controls access to the College's computer systems. System access control refers to the regulation of access to the computing power of the system, meaning that individuals are not permitted to use the system until they have signed in with a valid login ID and password. Access to the system does not imply access to all of the system's individual resources, only those that are authorized. For example, if a user logs into the network, it does not mean that he or she can use every application or feature of a given application, only the ones for which he has been granted permission.
  • Application Access Control:The security administrator for PeopleSoft applications controls access to each application. Application access control refers to the regulation of access to the individual components of an application. PeopleSoft online security is used to control who can access the PeopleSoft application, as well as what functions each person can perform and what business data he or she may view or manipulate. This means that individuals are not permitted to use the application until they have identified themselves by logging in with an application identifier and PeopleSoft has defined what components the user may access. Similar to system access, having access to PeopleSoft does not imply access to every component within the application.


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