Computer Lab Rules

Login names for the general-purpose computer classrooms/labs on each Seminole State campus are valid for one academic year only and are to be used solely by the students to which they are assigned. (Review the violation consequences below.) Any attempt to circumvent security measures will result in the issuing of a formal statement to the Student Disciplinary Committee.

Computer lab users are not permitted to:

  • Have food or drinks in any computer lab.
  • Install any software on any machine in any Seminole State computer lab.
  • Alter a computer's configuration unless directed to do so by an instructor.
  • Use instant messaging applications, including but not limited to: AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat and MySpace Messenger.
  • Visit audio/video websites unless directed to do so by an instructor.
  • View non-class-related materials on the Internet.
  • Participate in wireless communications in the classroom. All  cell phones must be set to silent mode while in a Seminole State computer lab, and all calls must be taken or made outside of the labs.

Computer and Internet activity is monitored.

Printing Restrictions

Printing in classrooms is permitted for assignment-related materials only, and only one printed copy is allowed per assignment. An assignment is defined as any original material that an instructor requires the individual student to turn in for a grade. Printing of personal content, such as letters or resumes, is prohibited in classrooms.

Violation Consequences

A first violation of computer lab rules will result in a warning and review of this policy with the student. A violation related to login name sharing will automatically result in a formal statement being submitted to the appropriate campus dean of students. Network access will be revoked until the dean determines and implements an appropriate plan of action.


Phone: 407.708.2000