C.C Homeland Security Professional Certificate

Homeland Security Professional Certificate
Type: College Credit Certificate
Major Code: HLSPR-CC
CIP: 0743011202

Program Description

Available Course Course Not Offered Summer 2024
This course will provide a basic understanding of the security role in society. This course will present a global view of security along with the practical application of security principles. Students will be exposed to physical security, personnel security and risk assessments as well as industrial security, institutional security and homeland security. Students will also be introduced to security management planning and administration.
This course will provide students with an understanding of the court system. Students will study the abilities courts have to regulate our lives, shape what is acceptable and what is forbidden. Students will also study how the court system works to avoid violating people's rights and liberties. This course covers topics such as the role of courts in modern society, pressure on the courts and how that pressure is handled, various levels of courts, professionals who work in the system, the role of the victim, rights of the defendant and a step-by-step program to show how a case works its way through the court system. Students may be required to attend a session in an actual courtroom at the discretion of the instructor.
This course is designed to develop an understanding of the law enforcement profession. It examines the various approaches of modern law enforcement as well as a historical overview of law enforcement. It provides a description of policing and examines law enforcement as a balance of social, historical, political, legal, individual and organizational forces.
This course provides the basic philosophical principles necessary to analyze ethical dilemmas within the criminal justice world. This course also offers an approach that deals with real life examples of misconduct, the effects of misconduct, research on criminal justice ethics and the various policy issues in criminal justice. This course will also identify themes that run though the entire criminal justice system, for example, issues such as discretion and due process concerning practitioners in law enforcement, the courts and corrections. This course will also look at how the definition of justice is defined by criminal justice professionals who deal with these dilemmas on a daily basis.
This course consists of the history, examination and evaluation of the courts, the police and the correctional organizations of the criminal justice system in the United States today. Contemporary problems and possible solutions are also considered.
Total Credits: 15


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