Crossover from Correctional to Law Enforcement Officer Certificate Course Overviews

The following courses are required for the Crossover from Law Enforcement to Correctional Officer Certificate. For more information, refer to the curriculum.

  • Interpersonal Skills I (CJD 0763): This course teaches community relations techniques and courtesy. Emphasis is placed on using these skills as a crime prevention tool. The needs of various groups within society are addressed. These needs include those for specific age groups; ethnic and cultural considerations; various states of mental and physical disabilities; and substance abuse. Intervention techniques are explored for various situations, such as suicide and domestic violence. Practical exercises are included to apply these techniques to actual cases.
  • Emergency Preparedness (CDJ 0741): This course covers criminal facility tensions, such as riots. Students explore prevention procedures and techniques. Other topics include the proper handling of unusual disturbances; firefighting principles; and emergency procedures for natural or manmade disasters.
  • Interpersonal Skills II (CJD 0750): This course helps students understand human adjustment to imprisonment. Criminal types and careers are studied. Special population subgroup needs and programs are explored. Inmate supervision techniques are examined.
  • Correctional Operations (CJD 0752): This course focuses on operating a correctional facility. Students learn safety and healthcare for inmates and inmate-control procedures. Other procedures examined include property and classifications. Bonding and release regulations are also covered. Inmate disciplinary functions, according to state rules and regulations, are emphasized. Accountability, bookkeeping procedures, patrol techniques and hazards to the officer are also studied.
  • Crossover from Law Enforcement to Corrections (CJD 0780): This course meets the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's (FDLE) and the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission's requirements (Chapter 943). Applicants must have successfully completed a Florida Law Enforcement Officer Basic Academy Program. When the program and crossover training is successfully completed, students become eligible to take the FDLE exam for certification as a correctional officer.


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