Computer Programming and Analysis A.S. Degree

Computer programming and system analysis are two of the fastest-growing occupations in Florida, the United States, and the world. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks each in its top five list of fastest-growing positions. A recent survey by the Information Technology Association of America estimates 10 percent of the information technology (IT) jobs nationwide are unfilled.

Computer programmers and analysts are in high-demand. Professionals who can identify and create solutions for computer and network problems are vital to creating, maintaining, and upgrading successful computer and network systems. 

At a Glance

This A.S. degree teaches you how to:

  • Analyze a system
  • Create programs and business solutions that automate manual systems or improve computerized systems

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There are four specialization tracks in the A.S. degree in Computer Programming and Analysis:

  • Programming
    This track prepares graduates for programming jobs in a wide variety of industries and allows students to take courses in several different programming languages.
  • Web Development
    This track prepares graduates for programming jobs developing and programming websites and other web-based applications such as eCommerce.
  • Data
    This track prepares graduates for programming jobs in data-related roles in software development.
  • Modeling and Simulation
    This track prepares graduates for programming jobs in modeling, simulation and video game development. Learn more about the Modeling and Simulation specialization track.

Explore Career Opportunities

For more information on career opportunities with this degree, or for help with job placement, visit the Career Development Center.


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