Digital Media - Graphic Design Production College Credit Certificate

Taking an idea from concept to in-hand material for marketing purposes isn’t as easy as most think. With a certificate focusing on concepts and utilizing available software, you can make them think it was effortless. From design, typography, layout, brand identity, digital imaging, print preparation and more, you will know how to create the assets a company needs to thrive. This certificate is upward compatible with the A.S. degree, Digital Design.

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  • Dedicated faculty: Faculty are "scholar-practitioners" with industry experience as well as academic credentials.  
  • Affordable tuition: Seminole State has significantly lower costs than Florida's universities.
  • Industry involvement: Our industry-focused certificate programs offer excellent connections to Central Florida employers.
  • Hands-on experience: Practical, hands-on learning experiences prepare students to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.
  • Continuing education: Many credits earned in certificate programs can be applied toward an Associate in Science (A.S.) or bachelor's degree at Seminole State. 
  • Career advancement: Graduates are prepared for immediate entry into the workforce upon certificate completion.

Additional Information

Graphic Design Production Artist
Type: College Credit Certificate
Major Code: DIGPR-CC
CIP: 0611080303

Program Description

Available Course Course Not Offered Fall 2024
This course explores the avenues of contemporary digital design, highlighting the importance of process, innovation and communication. Students will become familiar with design projects ranging from traditional print, sophisticated websites, interactive digital media and motion graphics. The course will focus on developing and refining the design concept and the execution strategy. Lab fee required.
This course is an introduction to the concepts and principles of digital imaging and the tools and techniques of image capture, creation, manipulation and integration of still images. Students will understand composition, layout, color theory, image capture and output using industry-standard software. Lab fee required.
This course covers the foundations of interactive media including user-interface design concept, optimization/performance issues, resources and tools. Students combine audio, video, imaging, animation and other media formats to construct an interactive product using industry-standard software. Lab fee required.
This course is designed to teach the concepts, terminology and principles of desktop publishing using industry computer software to communicate visual concepts used for the printing of publications such as brochures, advertisements, books and magazines. The student will develop the skills necessary to create publications designed for print publishing and production. Lab fee required.
This is an advanced course in page layout software. Designed to teach advanced techniques and principles of digital publishing to assist students in gaining stronger creative control and improved production capabilities. Students create publications displaying multi-faceted integration of sophisticated text and graphic techniques. Emphasis will focus on the development of long-page publications and Internet connectivity. Lab fee required.
This course is designed for beginning Adobe Illustrator users. Fundamental concepts and features are introduced and applied to a variety of graphics applications. The world of vector graphics and professional illustrations is entered, explored and applied to a variety of graphic endeavors. Lab fee required.
This course is designed for experienced Adobe Illustrator users. Advanced concepts, features and techniques are further enhanced and applied to graphic applications. The world of vector graphics, the Web Internet and professional illustrations are further explored. Lab fee required.
This course teaches typography as a primary tool of all graphic designers. The emphasis of the course is in the elements and anatomy of type and its expressive, technical and visual aspects. This course also teaches typeface, size, leading, line length, headlines, grids, hierarchy and the overall character in developing creative elements. Readability in type is examined in the development of publications - ads, books, brochures, identity systems and posters.
Total Credits: 24

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