Digital Media

Where Traditional Art Meets Technological Innovation

Based at Seminole State College's Heathrow Campus, the Digital Arts and Media Department offers two Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees - one in graphics design and one in Web design - where students strengthen their creative talent and learn to apply it to real-world situations.

Our broad-scope approach in designing for print media, the Internet, motion graphics and 3-D modeling/animation, provides students with the versatile knowledge and skills they need to pursue job opportunities in any of the graphic arts fields. Our faculty is comprised of top-notch professional designers and animators who are currently working within their respective professions.

To ensure the best education and training possible, our classrooms and open labs are designed so each student has the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention and instruction. Our program utilizes cutting-edge industry-standard software (Mac and PC versions) and hardware to prepare students with a cross-platform education that will allow them to be competitive within the graphic arts and Web design industries.

Student Digital Artwork


Michael Kappers
Professor/Program Manager, Digital Media