Transfer Pathways

Seminole State is one of the largest producers of two-year degrees in the nation. One of the big benefits of earning your degree from Seminole State is that you can take your first two years of college close to home and then, once you earn your Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, transfer to the college or university of your choice to complete your bachelor's degree.

Here is an overview of transfer options available for Seminole State A.A. graduates.

Bachelor's Degree from Seminole State

Many Seminole State A.A. and A.S. graduates choose to continue their education at Seminole State. As a state college, Seminole State offers bachelor's degrees in high-demand areas. Students begin taking upper-division courses as a junior.

DirectConnect to UCF® 

Seminole State partners with the University of Central Florida to offer DirectConnect to UCF®, a nationally-recognized program that provides guaranteed entry* to UCF for A.A. and A.S. graduates.

Florida Public Universities

Students who complete their A.A. degree from Seminole State can transfer as juniors to one of Florida's 12 state universities. This approach to earning a four-year degree is commonly referred to as 2+2. Check with an academic advisor and review the online catalog of the university you plan to attend to make sure you stay on track.

Florida Private Colleges and Universities

Through statewide agreements, once you earn your A.A. degree, you can continue your studies as a junior at one of Florida's private colleges and universities.

Out-of-State Schools

Since Seminole State is regionally accredited, most courses will transfer to colleges and universities across the United States.

Visit that institution’s admissions website or contact their admissions department for more information.

For more information, please visit the articulation homepage.

* Consistent with university policy. Limited- and restricted-access programs may require an additional admission process.