Transfer to Bachelor's Degree

State University System (SUS)

  • Associate in Arts Degree: Florida Statute 1007.23 and State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.024 assure certain rights to Associate in Arts graduates and authorizes several provisions for articulation from an Associate in Science to a baccalaureate degree. Although an A.A. degree from a public Florida Community or State College guarantees admission to an upper division institution in the State University System, it does not guarantee acceptance to a particular university or to selected, special or limited access programs. Associate in Arts degree recipients compete for admission into these programs.
  • A.S. to B.A./B.S. Career Path Degrees:There is a statewide agreement for specified A.S. programs that allow Florida Community college students to transfer to any SUS institution in the program designated to articulate with their degree, except for limited access programs and those requiring specific grades on particular courses for admission. The following A.S. degrees offered at Seminole State College are part of this articulation. These articulated degrees provide a streamlined path to a bachelor's degree for students who seek immediate employment in their field of study and/or those who decide to continue their education at a Florida SUS institution to earn a bachelor's degree in the specified field.
    • Business Administration (Articulated A.S. to B.A./B.S. Degree)
    • Criminal Justice Technology (Articulated A.S. to B.S. Degree)
    • Nursing, R.N. (Articulated A.S. to B.S. Degree)
  • Florida public institutions share a common course numbering system that is mandated by F.S. 1007.24 to ease the transfer of credit between institutions. They also have common program prerequisites (F.S. 1007.25) for the same bachelor's degree program offered by different SUS institutions. When you decide on a major, it is important to find out what prerequisites are needed so that you can complete them as part of your associate degree. Common program prerequisites can be found in prerequisite manuals available at

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