Clubs and Activities at Seminole State

clubs and activities

Involvement is the key to getting the most from your college experience. Seminole State's Office of Student Life provides many opportunities to get involved with 50 active student organizations, leadership opportunities and live entertainment. Student Life is represented on all four of our campuses, so you won't miss out no matter which campus you choose.

Student Organizations

Whether your interests are social, religious, professional, academic or honorary, there's a student club or organization for you. You can also take part in one-day activities or long-term service projects with Seminole State Volunteers, or make your voice heard and represent the student body as a member of the College's Student Government Association.

Learn about activities on your campus and join a club.

Leadership Opportunities

Take advantage of the top student leadership program in Florida in Student Life's free Leadership Institute. Enhance your personal development skills and learn your leadership style. You'll also enjoy opportunities to connect with your peers and other student leaders.

Live Entertainment

Wind down after class with free campus entertainment selected by the Campus Activities Team. Hypnotists, comedians and themed events are just a few of the things the C.A.T. plans each semester.

For more information about clubs and activities at Seminole State, visit the Student Life home page.