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Student Government Association Constitution

What does SGA do?

Seminole State's Student Government Association provides students with a representative form of government and an opportunity to get involved in campus life. Through SGA, students can:

  • Make their voices heard during weekly meetings
  • Deal with student issues and concerns, plan activities and allocate budgeted funds to campus clubs
  • Learn about state legislative issues
  • Enrich their college experience
  • Make new friends and have fun


Acting in unison, SGA will promote, regulate and coordinate activities that may impact the entire College community and that will help create a learning environment that fosters student success inside and outside the classroom.


All college-credit and career-program students who are enrolled in classes at Seminole State are members of the Student Government Association. As such, all activities and meetings sponsored by SGA are open to any Seminole State student.

With a presence on all four campuses, participation in SGA is easy!

Elected Officers

The elected officers of SGA are the president, vice president and secretary/treasurer. After being elected, each campus president appoints committee chairs to conduct the Association's business. SGA committees include, but are not limited to, marketing, community service, multicultural affairs and the activities board.

2018-19 Elected Officers


Altamonte SpringsPostion
Sam Ciresi President
Krishna Bulsara Vice President
Julio Auguste Secretary/Treasurer
Sarah Smith Academic Support Chair
Alexis Sackett Community Service Chair
Belinda Louis Marketing Chair
Dave Jeanneus Diversity Chair
Natasha Torres Activities Chair

Elizabeth Prokes President
Teona "Tina" King Vice President
Nathan Carle-McCormick Secretary/Treasurer
Vacant Marketing Chair

Ashley Cheverez President
Vacant Vice President
Olivia Arseneau Secretary/Treasurer
Maia Parker Community Service Chair
Martin Mazzeo Academic Support Chair
Vacant Activities Chair
Vacant Diversity Chair
Vacant Marketing Chair

Sanford/Lake MaryPosition
 Shayan Khan President
Hafsa Karaca Vice President
Victoria Werner Secretary/Treasurer
Thaliana Perez Marketing Chair
Mandisa Green Diversity Chair
Glory Okeke Student Services Chair


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