Appealing a Citation

Download the Parking Citation Appeal Form

If you feel that you have received a parking citation in error, you may initiate an appeal by completing an appeal form and submitting it to the Safety and Security Office on any Seminole State campus.

To be considered, all appeals must be received by Safety and Security within 10 business days of being issued. No appeal will be accepted after 10 business days have passed.

How the Appeals Process Works

  • The director of Safety and Security or a designee will review all appeal forms for completeness and attach a copy of the petitioner's parking history (if any) to the form.
  • If the director or designee feels that the citation was issued in error, the citation will be voided and the petitioner notified by mail.
  • If the director or designee feels that the citation is justified, the appeal will be forwarded to the Parking Citation Appeals Committee for review at its regularly scheduled meeting.
  • The Parking Citation Appeals Committee will decide whether to nullify or uphold the citation and notify the petitioner by mail of its findings.
  • All decisions made by the Parking Citation Appeals Committee are final. If the citation is upheld, the petitioner must pay the associated fee as soon as possible or risk additional penalties. There are no additional opportunities to appeal.


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