Florida State Employee Tuition and Fee Waiver

Florida public postsecondary institutions will waive tuition and fees for state employees to enroll for up to six credit hours of courses per term on a space-available basis. For purposes of this procedure state employees will be defined as full-time employees of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of state government. It does not include persons employed by the state university system, the community college system, or local school districts.


  1. Prior to registering for classes, state employees must complete all admissions requirements for entering college credit or vocational courses as outlined in the current Seminole State Catalog. Tuition and fees will be waived for a maximum of six credits each term. Waiver is for college credit and vocational courses only; it is not applicable to non-credit (community education and Corporate College) courses. Late fees will be waived.
  2. State employees must register in person beginning the first day of classes and may continue to register through the drop/add period. Registration is for classes on a space available basis only. Space available is defined to be college credit and vocational classes that are not full at the beginning of the identified drop/add period for the term or course. Courses in which the student has registered prior to the add/drop period but dropped during the add/drop period are not eligible for this waiver.
  3. State employees must complete the Seminole State Registration Form and submit it with the State Employee Tuition Waiver Form to the Office of Enrollment Services.
  4. The Office of Enrollment Services will register the student and retain a copy of the State Employee Tuition Waiver Form and place the copy into the student's permanent file. Tuition waiver is for the current term of registration only. It is not retroactive. Courses must be taken for a grade; they may not be taken as audit.
  5. The student must take the State Employee Tuition Waiver Form and a copy of the Registration Form to the Office of Financial Resources to receive the waiver. Fees not covered by the waiver will be determined, e.g., this waiver does not cover laboratory fees.
  6. The Financial Aid Assistant will provide a Fee Statement detailing the amount waived and the amount owed. The student must then go to the cashiering window and pay the amount owed by the close of business the same day of registration. If the balance is not paid by the close of business on the same day, the registration will be cancelled.
  7. Employment verification must be provided each term. If verification is not provided, the student will be responsible for tuition and fees.


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