Temporary to Professional Certificate Courses

Need courses to move from a Temporary to Professional Teaching Certificate?

Seminole State is accredited and approved by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) to offer college-level credits that individuals may use to move from a Temporary Certificate to a Professional Teaching Certificate.  Most of these classes are offered online.

Course TitleCredit Hours
EDF 2051 - Learning Theory and Assessment
Includes content measured by state achievement tests and the interpretation and utilization of data to improve student achievement.


EDG 2301 - Instructional Strategies and Classroom Management
Includes safe learning environments and the needs of diverse learners.


RED 2010 - Foundations of Reading
Includes principles, procedures, and current research-based practices for teaching and assessing reading.


TSL 2083 - Introduction to ESOL Principles and Practices
Includes effective teaching strategies, differentiated instruction, assessment strategies and techniques to accommodate the needs of English learners and culturally diverse students.



Ashley M. Navarro, Ph.D.
Professor, Education

Regina Fontana, Ed.D.
Educational Preparation Institute (EPI) Director