Application Process

To become a competitive candidate for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, pre-PTA students must:

  1. Submit an application for admission. Students who have never attended Seminole State must apply and be admitted to the College before applying to the PTA Program. Students may apply to Seminole State online or download a Printed Application for Admission.

  2. Complete a minimum of 20 hours of observation, volunteer service or work experience in physical therapy departments (observation hours in excess of 100 will not be considered). Students are required to seek exposure to physical therapy by working, volunteering or observing in several physical therapy settings. This can be done in hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient physical therapy sessions. To gain exposure or experience, students should contact the chief of the physical therapy department at a medical facility near them. They should tell the physical therapist that they are a pre-PTA student completing a requirement for Seminole State's PTA Program. Students should then courteously request the opportunity to work, observe or volunteer in the department.

    Please note:
    Hospitals and clinics may require students to meet certain stipulations before allowing them to work or observe in their facilities.

    Please also note:
    Orlando Health facilities are unable to accommodate new requests for clinical observation hours. The following facilities will not accept student volunteers: Orlando Regional Medical Center, the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center of Orlando, Arnold Palmer Hospital including Pediatric Sports Medicine, Winnie Palmer Hospital, ORMC’s Lucerne Pavilion, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, South Seminole Hospital, and Orlando Health Physician Group Practices.

    A Physical Therapy Experience Form must be completed and signed by the supervising physical therapist or physical therapist assistant from each facility. An experience form signed by a non-PT or non-PTA does not meet this criterion.

    For both first-time applicants as well as individuals re-applying to the program, observation hours must have been completed in the 12 months prior to the application deadline.
  3. Complete a criminal background check. All students provisionally admitted to a healthcare program with a clinical component are required to complete a criminal background check (Florida Statute 400.211). Admission into clinicals is at the discretion of the clinical agencies. 
  4. Complete required prerequisite courses. Students must complete the following prerequisite courses before they can successfully apply to the PTA Program:
    1. Anatomy and Physiology I* (4 credits)
    2. English I (3 credits)
    3. College Algebra** (3 credits)

    A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale is required for all prerequisite coursework. A grade of "D" or "F" is not acceptable.

    Prerequisite courses may be taken at any accredited college or university. Official transcripts must be sent to Seminole State's Office of Admissions to become part of a candidate's official record. It is the student's responsibility to request that other colleges and universities send official transcripts to Seminole State in a timely fashion so they can be evaluated, recorded onto an Evaluation Report of Transfer Credit and placed in the applicant's file.

    Unofficial MySeminoleState transcripts, along with the prerequisite courses highlighted by the pre-PTA student, will confirm that all coursework from Seminole State or other colleges has been completed with grades of "C" or higher.

    * At Seminole State, General Biology is a prerequisite for Anatomy and Physiology I.
    ** Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033) is a prerequisite to College Algebra (MAC 1105) and a prerequisite or corequisite to General Biology. The remaining General Education courses can be taken throughout the PTA curriculum, but we recommend that they be completed prior to beginning the program. 
  5. Submit a completed application packet by April 30*. A completed application packet contains all of the forms needed to apply to the PTA Program. All items in this packet must be submitted together to:
    Physical Therapist Assistant Program
    Seminole State College of Florida
    850 S. State Road 434, Room A-301
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

    It is the applicant's responsibility to inform the PTA Admissions Committee of any address changes. Incorrect addresses may delay and/or eliminate competitive students from the applicant pool. Address corrections should be made in writing and sent to the PTA Admissions Committee and the Seminole State Office of Admissions.

    Students who receive letters of provisional acceptance to the program are given a limited period of time to formally accept a seat in the class. If they do not accept their seat by the deadline, it will be offered to another student. No information concerning a student's status or the status of a student's file will be given over the phone.
  6. Complete physical examination form (after provisional acceptance). All students are accepted pending successful completion of a Physical Examination Form. A physician's signature indicates a student is capable of performing the functions of a physical therapist assistant. Students will receive the physical examination form after provisional acceptance. 

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