Career Opportunities in Office Management

According to the Department of Labor, the demand for skilled, well-qualified secretaries, office support staff and bookkeepers will continue to increase, and employment opportunities will be plentiful. The annual income for office personnel varies according to their education, experience, skill and level of responsibility.

OccupationSalary Range  Average Hourly
Entry-Level Salary
Florida Employment Salaries for Administrative Assistants and Bookkeepers
Office Manager$40,900-$49,160$16.22-$26.99
Administrative Assistant$27,720-$39,810$12.44-$18.92
General Office Clerk$17,360-$28,530$7.70-$12.98
Bookkeeper (accounts payable/receivable and payroll)$27,020-$44.760$11.61-$20.53
Sources: 2008 Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation Labor Market Statistics


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