Alumni Spotlight: Christine Kindell

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Written by: Seminole State Staff

Photo: Christine Kindell stands between two theatre students at a Center for Fine and Performing Arts networking employer workshop.

Name:  Christine Kindell

Title and company: Box Office Supervisor at Seminole State College of Florida

Degree pursued at Seminole State: Associate in Arts (A.A.) 2015

What factors played into you deciding to attend Seminole State College?

It was meeting Paul and Carole Luby on a trip to Italy and Greece with the College that my daughter and I joined. I developed a relationship with Paul and Carole during this trip along with other professors within the College, but they were the ones who planted the seed of education. They were always asking me questions of the things I like to do and what makes up Christine. I was a stay-at-home mom for 20 years and never thought to attend college. So, I decided to take that step and signed up for my first drawing class, my interest was in art. After that class, my education flourished, and I became a non-traditional college student. I maintained being on the deans' and president’s list every semester and graduated at the age of 54 in 2015 with my Associates of Arts degree in general education as magna cum laude.

What were your steps after receiving your credentials at Seminole State?

I qualified as a federal work-study student in my 2nd semester at Seminole State in 2011. I transitioned from a federal work-study student to being a part-time lab assistant for the department where I helped out the office supervisor and gallery curator all while keeping my box office assistant position. In 2014, my supervisor at that time retired and I was hired as a temporary full-time box office supervisor which turned into a permanent position in 2016. I am so fortunate to mentor federal work-study students like I was. I have been the box office supervisor since 2014.

How did your time spent at Seminole State help prepare you for where you are now?

I was part of the theatre box office and it was the duties given to me as a theatre assistant and those responsibilities helped me gain experience for this position. My education was more of painting art than acting. As a theatre assistant, I eased though the federal work-study duties which helped me gain the status as a box office supervisor.

Christine Kindell stands with Paul Luby at President Emerita Dr. E. Ann McGee's retirement reception.

On another note, I also am the social media coordinator for Center for Fine and Performing Arts for our department to keep our community in the know of what we have to offer in theatre, art and music events through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and MailChimp. Since I had three semesters of photography, at times I take the photos of our theatre productions as well as photo headshots of our students for our social media pages. Photos are also sent to Matt Palm at the Orlando Sentinel for publicity. I assist the gallery curator with curating the artwork and greeting students and guests as they attend our opening receptions. I was the top lead for our department for the Rally and Raise campaign with the highest donations for our Center for Performing and Fine Arts. I was chosen into the Leadership Academy, I learned to be a lifelong learner through getting my A.A. as well as facilitated new signage for our building. Our department is going stronger than ever as Jefferson Starship sings, "Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now."

Who or what class was your greatest influence at Seminole State College?

There were a few classes that were my favorite: photography, drawing and fresco painting. Giuseppe Corazzina and Jennifer Copp were the two professors that both saw something in me, and I felt they noticed potential in becoming terrific at whatever I chose to do. Both professors encouraged and challenged me to go to that next level. They took the time to guide me because they both knew I could do it!

Professionally or academically, of what are you most proud?

I am most proud of enrolling myself into Seminole State College as a non-traditional student. I never dreamed to attend college until those who planted the seed encouraged me and I can now say I am an alumni.

What advice do you have for current or prospective Seminole State students?

I would advise the students to use all the resources available including applying for scholarships, being proactive, challenging yourself, getting involved in activities, getting to know your professors and staying connected. The most important advice is to communicate between you and your professor. Reach out for aid if you need. Do not be afraid. The more you communicate with your professor the more on top you will be.

What do you like to do for fun?

I still paint for fun when I have the chance. I enjoy painting on glassware and canvas and even at one point had a small business selling my items, Creations by Christine, however that was many years ago. I also enjoy traveling, reading, spending time with my family which includes my first grandson, Nolan Nash.

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