Alumni Spotlight: Miguel Vasquez

Monday, August 17, 2020
Written by: Seminole State Staff

Photo: Miguel Vasquez (right) accepts a Certificate of promotion at the Orange County Sheriff's Office. 

Name: Miguel Vasquez

Title and company: Corporal at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. I currently work in the Internal Affairs unit.

Years attended Seminole State College: 2006 -2007

Did you go on to a four-year college or university following your time spent at Seminole State?
I finished my education at Keiser University.

What position did you play on the Seminole State baseball team?
I played shortstop at Seminole State College in 2007.

Miguel Vasquez played shortstop for the Seminole State Raiders in 2007.

Any favorite memory of your time, team or Coach Mike Nicholson
My favorite time at Seminole State College was playing ball with the guys. My favorite activity was doing the trust test with the team. It was a privilege to play for Coach Nick. I was blessed to have three other teammates from the Bronx, New York. Two of the three I played against in high school and the third was my teammate in high school.

How did your experience as a student-athlete help with your life or current situation?
My experience as a student-athlete helped me learned how to prioritize both personally and professionally.

Can you share an uplifting story about your work that you have experienced over the last few weeks?
In my current position, I have the luxury of sitting in my office. I do not patrol the streets. The road deputies are the ones responding to emergencies, saving lives, putting bad guys/gals in jail and exposing themselves to people who may have the virus. They are the uplifting story as they are putting their lives ahead of others to protect them. This also applies to the fire fighters, paramedics, EMT's, nurses and doctors. Additionally, my wife and I have been very blessed. We both are still employed, and we are praying for those who are not.

Anything else you want to add? 
I really enjoy going back each November (homecoming) to see Coach Nick, the guys and, most of all, playing ball again.

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