Navigate Implementation Plan

What is Navigate?

Navigate is a Student Success Management System with comprehensive technology that brings together faculty, advisors, administrators, staff, and students in a coordinated care network to proactively manage and promote student success.  

Navigate for Everyone

Everyone involved gets access to tools and features that provide smart guidance to keep students on the pathway to completing courses and earning credentials.

A Navigate testimonial from Julie Edstrom


  • Guided onboarding with timely alerts and notifications for important “to-dos”.
  • Views on important milestones to stay on track and encourage progress.
  • Easy access to advisors, faculty, and other resources when help is needed.


  • Smart Student Profiles for greater awareness of each student’s plans, needs, and progress.
  • Coordinated Care Network providing early alerts and integrated interactions between faculty, advisors, and other support staff.
  • Easy access to communication tools to contact students and schedule appointments when needed.
A Navigate testimonial from Craig Tidwell


  • Information on student profiles, alerts, notifications, and responses in one place.
  • Alerts and progress reports on students needing support.
  • Targeted outreach to specific student groups during enrollment or advising campaigns.


  • Insights for academic planning to optimize course schedules for on-time graduations.
  • Automated guardrails to alert students of scheduling errors or unnecessary courses.
  • Messages and screens when students register for courses to guide them toward schedules that fit their academic plans, personal schedules, and preferred course formats.
A Navigate testimonial from Sandra Dillard


  • Population health analytics to track performance and progress indicators.
  • Historical trend analytics to identify patterns of student success and institutional obstacles in students’ paths.
  • Predictive analytics to facilitate timely and proactive care across various student groups.

Supporting Our Strategic Plan

Navigate ties directly with Seminole State’s 2025 Strategic Plan, aligning with several strategic goals and strategies. 

A Navigate testimonial from Michael Mendoza

For our Students, this will help Seminole State:

  • Increase student engagement and student participation in learning processes.
  • Improve graduation rates and accelerate student progress to credential completion.
  • Close the gap in achievement rates for minority and underserved students.
  • Enhance student guided pathway practices to better help students explore, choose, and plan a program of study best suited to their interests and aspirations.
  • Align and integrate College-wide practices for student recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation.

For our Employees, this will help Seminole State:

  • Create a more flexible work environment aligned with College goals.
  • Encourage and enhance employee career and professional development opportunities.
  • Cultivate shared governance in college operations to strengthen equitable participation.
  • Ensure college policies, procedures, practices, and processes support employee well-being, productivity, and institutional efficiencies.


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