Implementation Timeline

Actions are underway to “launch” Navigate in Spring 2021 with more extensive deployment during 2021 and 2022. Overall timeline includes:

  • Fall 2020: Load Navigate with Seminole State student data and complete tests and validations. Begin training a pilot group of faculty, advisors, and staff.
  • Spring 2021: Introduce Navigate to a target student audience with the pilot group of faculty, advisors, and staff.
  • Summer 2021: Train more faculty, advisors, and staff on Navigate use.
  • Fall 2021: Deploy Navigate to a larger group of students with more faculty, advisors, and staff.
  • Throughout 2022: Deploy Navigate to all postsecondary students and expand training to larger audiences collegewide.

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Executive Sponsors

Program Owners

Navigate Implementation Team Members

Program SponsorsJohnny Craig
Loretta Ovueraye
Dick Hamann
Program OwnersGeoff Fortunato
Lisa Valentino
Application AdministratorsChalah Harris
Barbara Rodriguez Lamas
Debbie Lynch
Content AdministratorsKimberly Allen
Jan Lloyd
Faculty ChampionsMike Mendoza
Evelyn Edstrom
Margaret Jenkins
Sandra Dillard
Craig Tidwell
Workflow & Training TeamCatherine Leimer
Content & CommunicationJan Lloyd
Kimberly Allen
Insights & AnalyticsThomas Hoke
Daniel Suleski
Academic PlanningCarlene McNeil
Barbara Rodriguez Lamas
Debbie Lynch
Tech LeadTBA


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