Navigate FAQs for Faculty and Staff

Most Asked Navigate: Miscellaneous Questions

What is Navigate?
Which browser is best for viewing Navigate?
What's the difference between Navigate and MySeminoleState?
What are we getting with Navigate?
Why is Seminole State implementing Navigate?
Who do I contact if I have questions about the Navigate implementation?
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Most Asked Navigate: Employees Questions

How do I edit an appointment summary?
How far in the future can students schedule appointments?
When an Outlook appointment is made, and Out of Office is selected, does Navigate know not to schedule an appointment?
How do I find a student with a double or hyphenated name?
When is Navigate updated?
How does "online advisor" set appointments so appointments are not duplicated?
Is there a cutoff time for students to schedule an appointment?
If I want to email a student from Navigate and click on "Message Student," does it go to their Seminole State email or does it stay in Navigate?
Where do I find a student's response to my email?
What is the difference between an appointment summary and note?


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