Whatever your math level, from basic arithmetic to differential equations, Seminole State College offers math courses that can help you learn new ways to approach problem-solving.

Seminole State's math students have access to free tutoring through the Academic Success Center

Whether you have math anxiety, find math challenging or desire a quality foundation in math, Seminole State's diverse array of math courses ensure that every student will learn in classes that meet their skill level and pacing.

The mathematics department offers classes through a variety of formats, including traditional lecture-style classes, fully online classes, and lecture/lab classes taught in computer classrooms, so that students can find classes best suited to their preferred learning style.

Math Department Facts

  • The Math Department hosts the Seminole County High School Math Contest in cooperation with the Seminole County Teachers of Mathematics, where high school students compete in calculus, pre-calculus, algebra, geometry and statistics. Also, there is a scholarship competition to win a 60 credit-hour scholarship to Seminole State.
  • Algebra review workshops are offered at the beginning of most major semesters.
  • Near the end of most semesters, review sessions are offered for classes with comprehensive departmental exams.
  • The Math Department offers scholarships to help pay for math courses at Seminole State.


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