The Web Team

The Web Team was created to ensure quality and usability of all College web properties. More than just a source for information, Seminole State's website is also a valuable marketing tool that reaches millions of people each year. As such, it is our job to ensure that the College is presented in the best possible light.

The Seminole State website is created and maintained by the WebSupport staff at Seminole State, which is responsible for ensuring its quality and usability. The Marketing and Communications Department, Computing and Telecom Services Department (CTS) and Student Success Services work cooperatively to promote a unified and user-friendly internet presence.

The Web team was established to be the core website project team. The team consists of:

Executive Oversight

  • Dick Hamann, Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer: Oversees the CTS side of the website
  • Katherine Henry, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Communications: Oversees the Marketing side of the website.

Core Team Members

  • Les Lusk, Associate Director, Web Development: Oversees the development and creation of the website and related online applications. 
  • Tim Ward, Senior Software Engineer: Oversees back-end programming and web environment.
  • Rob Wert, User Experience User Interface Designer: Oversees the visual and design aspects of the website.
  • Mark Richardson, Director, Communications and Media Relations: Oversees the content of the website to ensure quality and consistency. He is assisted by Kimberly Allen, Communications Coordinator. 

Technical Support

  • Julio Valentin, Director, Network and Server Infrastructure: Oversees the  network access used by the website.
  • Joe Diaz, Associate Director, Academic Computing:
    Oversees the databases used by the website.


Seminole State WebSupport