Our Audience

The Web is a valuable resource for conveying information quickly and inexpensively to a large number of people. Information posted on the College website will help create an impression about Seminole State, its services, people and quality of educational offerings. The Seminole State website has a number of purposes and target audiences. These include:

  • Providing information about Seminole State to online visitors about our college:
    • Mission
    • Programs
    • Services
    • Faculty
    • Students
    • Events
  • Providing access to members of the Seminole State community (i.e. faculty, staff, enrolled students) concerning:
    • Information from and about the College
    • A variety of course-related information resources
    • Technology-related information

As you develop documents for the Web, think about your intended audience: some Web documents may target potential students; other Web documents are most meaningful to the campus community.

The ideal Web document:

  • Is clear to others (aside from the author)
  • Is attractively designed
  • Is concise (usually less is more)
  • Contains current information
  • Groups materials into small logical pieces

To achieve this ideal, consider the:

  • Page content and structure
  • Wording of your information
  • Links you create
  • Graphics you use


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