Fire Safety

The Fire Safety program is responsible for all aspects of fire safety on campus including fire safety and inspections, fire safety education, fire drills, and fire prevention. In addition, the program is responsible for ensuring the compliance with the Florida Building Code, State Requirement for Educational Facilities, and Fire Codes.

Fire Prevention

The Fire Marshal conducts a building inspection of all campus buildings annually. This inspection covers fire and life safety issues; as well as checks the maintenance of all fire alarm and fire suppression systems. Reports of deficiencies are issued in writing to the Facilities Department and Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator as appropriate. After 30 days of the initial inspection, the Fire Marshal representative returns for a follow-up inspection to insure all deficiencies are corrected and are now in compliance with the fire codes. If deficiencies are still not corrected, another report is issued and a second follow-up inspection is made 30 days later.

Candles & Open Flame

The entire campus community must be involved to make the campus safer. In order to ensure compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code and reduce the risk of fire, the College discourages the use of candles or appliances that produces open flames.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are useful in many activities on campus and in the field; however they do have some limitations. Misused and damaged extension cords have caused painful injuries, fire, equipment damage, and regulatory citation and penalties.

Between 1991 and 2004, there were at least 46 extension cord related fatalities recorded by OSHA. Most of those fatalities were as a result of electrocution. OSHA regulations require that temporary wiring shall be removed immediately after the work shift, receptacle be grounded, and cords must be protected from damage. In addition, extension cords cannot be fastened with staples, nails, or be suspended by a wire.



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