Service Request for Facilities

No matter what time of the day, you can find us cleaning areas of our beautiful campuses. Enter a Custodial Service Request for:

Cleaning Services

  • Address a common-area bathroom cleaning issue
  • Clean a classroom/breakroom/patio outside the Monday through Friday routine timeframe
  • Clean wall-to-wall carpet/tile on an as needed basis

Custodial Services for Events

  • Does trash need to be removed before and/or after the event?
  • Do restrooms need to be cleaned and stocked before and/or after the event?
  • Is the event after normal hours or on the weekend?

Move Documents to Storage

  • Pick up and move to onsite/offsite storage, documents kept per mandatory retention schedules

Trash and Spills Removal

  • Report a trash/recycling removal issue, such as an overflowing trash/recycling container

Fire Safety

  • Food Truck safety
  • Outdoor recreational fires and open flames such as; candles, food warmer equipment (sterno), BBQ grills, kettle corn
  • Pyrotechnics, Wierd Science experiments and raku kiln

Hazardous Materials Management

  • Chemical use, waste and disposal
  • Proper disposal of hazardous waste
  • Proper disposal of labatory waste

Indoor Air Quality

  • Offensive odors as a possible result of mildew/mold, pollen, smoke, dust, chemicals or gases


  • Recycling 101 - Best practices for recycling at Seminole State
  • Request a bin for an event

Workplace Safety

  • AED/CPR training
  • Deskercise
  • Safety Training 101
  • Report an unsafe condition, i.e.; trip hazard, broken rail, broken equipment, etc.

Auxiliary Services External Event and Internal Events

For events of outside organizations or co-hosted with an outside organization, please contact the Auxiliary Services department at 407.708.2325 or 407.708.2397

Use the Event Checklist for College Services to help you track your event!

Planning an event on campus involves many different services working together – and we’re here to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We can help with:

  • Cleaning up before and/or after the event
  • Getting in the building early or late
  • Hanging promotional banners or temporary signs
  • Lighting and wiring in and around your event space
  • Open flame/Fire safety
  • Protecting campus grounds from crowds
  • Recycling bins
  • Setting up stages and platforms

Furniture Service Requests are for minor additions/changes to an existing office or classroom. We will schedule an appointment with you to discern your needs and provide you with solutions.

  • Add - chair or table (example)
  • Clean - chair or sofa (example)
  • Ergonomic Evaluation of Workspace
  • Move/Relocate - an item to a different space or to surplus (example)
  • Repair/Replace - broken chair, table, etc. (example)

Grounds & Outdoor Maintenance


  • Adding or raking clay. Leveling the field, irrigation repairs/adjustments.


  • Report a broken sprinkler or water line
  • Request that lawn sprinklers are turned off during an event


  • Request to mow/clean landscape prior to an event
  • Request that landscape crew not mow during an event

Tree Trimming

  • Request to trim trees or bushes for safety or prior to an event.


Broken door? Leaky faucet? Peeling paint? Trust us to make things right again.

Door Repair

  • Report a door malfunction
  • Request workstation/cabinet keys (Security still processes room key requests)


  • Request to inspect/repair: interior and exterior lighting, outlets and receptacles, switches, exit and emergency lighting in common areas

Minor Repairs, Installation, Assembly, Marquee Requests

  • Patch and paint holes in walls, hang whiteboards, bulletin boards, degrees/certificates or office art, other minor repairs
  • Marketing Dept. - requests to change marquee signage

Pest Control

  • Reporting unwanted pests, such as bats, coyotes, foxes, insects, mice, snakes, squirrels or raccoons


  • Report clogged or slow drains and leaky faucets
  • Report non-functioning toilets, urinals and sinks

Temperature Adjustments

  • Air Conditioning

Office Setup/Employee Move

The Facilities Department is your first point of contact for an employee's office setup or relocation. After we receive your service request, we will create a work order and submit it for approval to your Department Budget Manager and Vice President. When the work order is approved, we will contact you to discuss the full scope of work. We will coordinate with Computing and Telecommunication Services (CTS) and other departments on campus, so the work is completed in an efficient and timely manner. 

To request an employee office setup or relocation, submit a Office Setup/Employee Move Service Request that will include in the description:

  • Name of employee(s) that will have their computer(s) moved.
  • SSC number of computer(s) to be moved. 
  • Does the phone need to be moved (what is the ext)? 
  • Move From: Room number where the equipment is located. 
  • Move To: Where does the computer need to be delivered? 
  • Is there a network connection in that room? 
  • Is the destination vacant or is there existing equipment that needs to be moved and where should it go?
  • Contact number if we have questions

The Facilities Department is your point of contact for a classroom or office space remodel or renovation. After we receive your Remodel/Renovation Service Request, we will meet with you to discuss your project needs and the full scope of work. If your project is approved, we will coordinate with other departments on campus, if necessary, so your project is completed according to the scope of work in an efficient and timely manner. For more complex projects we may need to engage an outside consulting architect to provide layouts, analysis and estimates.

To request a remodel or renovation, submit a Remodel/Renovation Service Request that will include:

  • a brief description of the project
  • funding source (if known)
  • budget limits
  • time frame
  • Dean or Manager contact information

Attach any documents that pertain to your request.

  • Office Name Inserts
  • Suite Directory Inserts


Facilities Management
Fax: 407.708.2361