Single User Restrooms at Seminole State College


 Seminole State provides its students and employees with innovations to support a successful campus experience. In the past few years, individuals have requested privacy for hygiene functions. The College has responded, providing single-user restroom facilities at its four campuses. They also may be called “family restrooms,” “ADA-assistant restrooms,” and "gender-neutral restrooms.”

 Single-user restrooms meet many needs. Users could include parents assisting children; individuals with a disability who require a caregiver or a Hoyer lift to assist with hygiene; transgendered individuals; and individuals seeking the single-user restroom for personal reasons.

 Seminole State continues to implement national best practices by educating students and employees to maintain privacy, act with courtesy, and understand that the choice of restroom is very personal. 

  1. The College cannot require any individual to use a single-user restroom or stop any individual from using it.
  2. Florida has no restrictions on who may enter a public multi-user restroom seeking to use the restroom facilities. Anyone identifying in any gender can use facilities marked for males or females without civil or criminal penalty.
  3. Transgender individuals may dress and express within their biological sex or their gender identity. They may plan reassignment surgery, be transitioning, or plan no physical alterations at all while maintaining identity with the sex different from their biological sex. None of those details is pertinent to the human need to use a restroom.
  4. All College conduct and disciplinary procedures apply to students and employees within a restroom. Harassment based on sex or gender, disruption of the educational environment, assault – all are prohibited behaviors. The individual who is questioned about why he/she is in a restroom must respond in a way that meets the College standards for student and employee conduct. The questioner is responsible under those standards, as well. Questioning the gender or biological status of an individual in a restroom is discouraged by the College.
  5. All state and local laws apply within a restroom just as they do in other spaces. Lewd conduct, invasion of privacy, assault – all are violations of law.

Single-user Restroom Locations

 Sanford-Lake Mary campus

  • Building J (second floor) – has no room number designation, but it has a sign to identify it.
  • Building C, room numbers 110C and 110D.  Access through C-110A/B, multi-purpose room, when it is open.
  • Building E.
  • Student Center, 184C.

Oviedo campus

  • Building F (near the Receiving Area, in a staff area) - has no room number designation. 
  • Stand-alone multi-purpose room 100 has single-user restrooms. That building is only open for specific events.

Altamonte Springs campus

  • Altamonte Room 426H (inside the UCF suite).
  • Altamonte H Building H138 and H139 (two single-user restrooms).

Heathrow campus

  • Heathrow first floor lobby, northwest corner, through an unmarked door to a hallway.

Geneva center (gun range)

  • No single-user restroom at this time.

Additional information

Questions and comments may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator for Seminole State College:

Janet Balanoff
Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator
100 Weldon Blvd., Sanford, FL 32773.


Equity and Diversity/Title IX, July 25, 2017, updated February 16, 2018; July 8, 2019.


Janet Balanoff
Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator