Michael Mendoza

Michael Mendoza received his Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Florida in 2000. He later earned a Master of Arts degree in Medieval Studies from the University of Connecticut in 2004 specializing in literature, Latin and history. He began a PhD program in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies and completed course work, exams and a dissertation prospectus. After teaching part-time for community colleges and state universities in Connecticut, he moved back to Florida in 2011 to teach full time for Seminole State College at the Lee campus at Oviedo. In his time at Oviedo, he enjoys hosting guest speaker events in conjunction with the library and conducting book clubs through the Read to Succeed program; both of which revolve around super-heroes and graphic novels.

OVI F-0206B
  • Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Florida
  • Master of Arts, Medieval Studies, University of Connecticut
Courses being taught this semester:
Subj. #DescriptionClassBookSyllabus
ENC1101English I10183
ENC1102English II12859
ENC1102English II12864
ENC1102English II12865
ENC1102HHonors English II10587
IDH2703Honors Leadership Development12575
IDH2930Selected Studies in Interdisci10889


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