Holly Larson

Holly Larson has a Masters in literature focusing on 20th-century working-class literature from the University at Buffalo and a Doctorate in Comparative Studies focusing on alternative forms of knowledge, particularly among poor and working-class American women, from Florida Atlantic University.

Understanding how composition and rhetoric establishes a solid writing foundation for college students both inside and outside of the classroom, Holly has shifted her focus to Writing Studies by keeping abreast of the field and attending and presenting at numerous conferences, including the MLA conference delivering a paper on the role of humility and authority among student writers.

She believes that anyone can write effectively and convincingly; it is a learned behavior like any other activity that takes commitment, time, and energy. Her mission is to make students feel special and comfortable as they unfold as budding intellectuals.

ALT A-0216D
  • Bachelor of Arts, English, State University of New York College at Oswego
  • Master of Arts, English, State University of New York College at Buffalo
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Comparative Studies, Florida Atlantic University
Courses being taught this semester:
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ENC1101English I41521
ENC1101English I41626
ENC1102English II40049
ENC1102English II40059


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