Christopher Janus

Chris Janus holds a B.A. in creative writing from the University of Tampa and an M.A. in English studies from Western Washington University. His academic areas of interest are in poetry, medieval literature and composition rhetoric.

He mostly teaches developmental writing, English I and English II. Previous to his time at Seminole State, Janus taught at Green River Community College (just outside of Seattle) and at Western Washington University. To stay current and keep his teaching fresh and renewed, he presents at and attends national writing conferences on topics such as developmental education, composition studies and information literacy concerns.

You will often find him with a mug of coffee strapped to his hand. He is probably wearing too much plaid for his own good, listening to music and energetically commenting on papers while in his office. Swing by and say, “Hello!”

SLM L-0217
  • Bachelor of Arts, Writing, University of Tampa
  • Master of Arts, English, Western Washington University
Courses being taught this semester:
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ENC1101English I40271
ENC1101English I40291


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