Karen Feldman

Professor Feldman has experience teaching Developmental English, English I and II, Research Writing, Technical Writing and Journalism. In addition to teaching, she serves as the adjunct faculty advisor/English Department coordinator as well as the co-coordinator of the Florida State Exit Exam at Seminole State. Professor Feldman is an active member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society; contributes to Developmental English focus groups throughout the state of Florida; and participates in local, national and international professional conferences.

SLM E-0117
  • Bachelor of Arts, English / Psychology, Case Western Reserve University
  • Master of Arts, English, Case Western Reserve University
Courses being taught this semester:
Subj. #DescriptionClassBookSyllabus
ENC1101English I40035
ENC1101English I40062
ENC1101English I40099
ENC1101English I40103
ENC2931Sel Stud in English40343


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