Digital Media Program Success Story: Jehan Sandra Salem

Jehan Sandra Salem
Jehan Sandra Salem is a Freelance
Artist/Business Owner.

As an immigrant, I can say that signing up to a degree in any college is an exciting and intimidating endeavor. I was looking to learn new software and get a job. I found the Digital Media Program at Seminole State College to be very complete and at the same time the atmosphere at the campus was friendly enough to encourage me to pick this program from a group of candidates. What I did not know is that there were supportive teachers, peers, events, activities, and clubs I could join to enhance my skills and round up my understanding of what working as a team member and collaborator is all about. Majority of classes were challenging and inspiring to help me create even better portfolio pieces. I grew not only as a designer/artist but also as a person offering my services to businesses. The change and capacity to compete in the local market was augmented tenfold by the 3 years I studied in the Digital Media Program at Seminole State College. Without it, I would be still working at some food chain...waiting for the American dream. I am very thankful to the teachers and the program. I hope it will continue impacting other students' lives as it did mine.


Michael Kappers
Professor/Program Manager, Digital Media