Career Service Employee Council Nomination

Shall preside at meetings, represent Career Service Employees on the College Advisory Council (CAC) monthly; authorize expenditures of Council funds with knowledge and approval of Secretary/Treasurer or Vice Chair; appoint ad hoc committees/work teams to develop and implement Council initiatives; and act as liaison between the Administrative staff, Human Resources and Career Service Employees.
Vice Chair
Shall perform the duties of the Chair in his/her absence; support committees and Council initiatives. The Vice Chair is also in charge of council communications such as the Board’s email address, crafting council messaging and managing the council’s website. Performs duties as assigned by the Chair.
Shall take meeting minutes at all CSEC and related meetings, submit them to Chair or Vice Chair for approval; make room reservations and send appointments for CSEC meetings and events. Coordinates events as assigned by the Chair. Shall maintain Council funds; responsible for purchases made by the Council.
Campus Representative / College Area Representative Duties
Shall be present at scheduled Career Service Council meetings; provide feedback to the Council from their respective campus/college area; assist with the coordination of CSEC events; facilitate CSEC meetings at their location; act as CSEC liaison for their campus/college area.
Altamonte Springs Representative
Heathrow Representative
Oviedo Representative
Sanford/Lake Mary Representative
Safety and Security Representative
Facilities Representative
General Information
Attendance: Officers and Representatives are expected to attend all meetings and are encouraged to provide advance notice of absences from meetings to the Council Chair. (Events are not considered meetings.) More than three absences in a year (August-July) may result in a meeting with the Council Chair to discuss the Council members commitment level and ability to continue on the Council. The results of this meeting will be documented. If the attendance issue is not resolved, the Council will terminate the Officer or Representative from their role on the Council so that a replacement can be found.