Introduction to Computers (CGS 1060C)

Do you want to do something to improve the quality of your life, your productivity level and your ability to be successful at Seminole State?  Sign up for CGS 1060C Introduction to Computers and learn concepts that can have a significant impact on your college success!

An Excellent College Credit (3-Hour) Course

Introduction to Computers (CGS 1060c) will prepare you to use a personal computer, access information using the Internet, send and receive email, manage computer files and utilize Microsoft Online Applications. 

In addition, the student will:

  • Gain experience with Microsoft Windows, Office Online and Social Media sites.
  • Learn basic concepts about computer equipment related to hardware, software, networking, applications, etc.
  • Learn how to use various operating systems, how to configure a computer system, and what to look for when purchasing a computer.

The Seminole State Advantage

Benefit from a hands-on learning environment with highly skilled faculty, small class sizes and computers at every student workstation. Each student receives personalized instructions. You may take classes during the day, in the evening, weekdays, weekends, or online.  Campus classes utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software. All classes are taught by knowledgeable faculty with business experience.

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