SABC Mission

The mission of the Seminole Advisory Board Council is to strengthen Seminole County's economy by assisting businesses in creating sustainable job and revenue growth and by helping them to reach the "next level".

How the Program Works

  • Clients complete an application form.
  • An informal interview is conducted to determine if the company is ready to work with an Advisory Board.
  • The company's needs are defined and volunteer Advisors are selected.
  • Potential Advisors meet individually with the Client.  This allows both parties to determine if it is a suitable match.
  • After the Client has met all of the Advisors, a first board meeting is scheduled.
  • Boards meet quarterly for approximately 2 hours.
  • Meetings focus on strategy and planning, with the Client taking an "Action Item" agenda for review and completion for the next scheduled meeting.  (Phone and email support is encouraged and often necessary).
  • The board works together for approximately 12-18 months.


Center for Business Development

Amy Kirkland
Associate Vice President, Resources & Economic Development
1055 AAA Drive
Lake Mary, FL 32746